• New GM Trademarks Suggest Buick Could Offer Regal Wagon

General Motors has filed two trademark applications that suggest a wagon version of the Buick Regal might be underway. Specifically, GM filed trademarks for "Regal Tourx" and "Tourx," both under the "motor land vehicles, namely automobiles" category. According to AutoGuide, both applications were submitted on December 16th, 2015, and will be assigned to an examining attorney in approximately three months.

While "tour" is usually part of denominations assigned to wagon models — Tourer and Touring are used mostly in Europe — the "x" in the trademark could mean that Buick is also considering an all-wheel-drive version similar to the A4 Avant-based Audi Allroad. As most of you may already know, the Regal is based on the Euro-spec Opel Insignia, which is also available as the Sports Tourer wagon and high-riding Country Tourer on the Old Continent.

Given that Buick has already trademarked the "Regal Sport Touring" name earlier in 2015, both versions are likely to cross the pond to the U.S. should the brand green-light them. If so, don’t expect them to arrive Stateside until the sixth-generation Regal is introduced. In showrooms since 2009, the current Regal is in for a replacement for the 2017 model year.

Buick stopped selling station wagons nearly two decades ago, when both the eighth-generation Roadmaster and fifth-generation Century were discontinued. Although both models were redesigned for 1997, Buick dropped the wagon body styles due to poor sales. As for the Regal, only the second-generation model, built from 1978 to 1987, was offered in this configuration. The wagon was discontinued at the end of 1983.

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Why it matters

The prospect of having a wagon version of the Regal in the U.S. is definitely exciting, but you shouldn’t make plans to buy one just yet. As we’ve established before, automakers file trademarks all the time and most of them don’t become more than just a name. Some trademarks are filed only to protect nameplates, while others are submitted for production cars that get cancelled in the process. The good news here is that Buick has actually filed two trademarks for what appear to be long-roofed Regal models in under a year. This could mean that someone at Buick is pushing for a wagon model and that the bean counters are at least considering it. We should find out more about it in 2016, when the new Regal breaks cover, so make sure you stick around for updates.

Buick Regal

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Source: Autoguide

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