Ever get drunk and accidentally buy something online? I’m not talking about purchasing white alligator shoes after three beers. I’m talking a shut down the bar, then start doing tequila shooters with your “new” friends, and waking up on your kitchen counter with your credit card, laptop and nothing else. Three days later 100 copies of the 2rd season of ’The Office’ shows up on your doorstep, and you only vaguely remember saying something like “best show ever” right before eating the worm.

If latter describes you then DO NOT look at www.gmperformanceparts.com. At General Motor’s newest website you can now order complete high-performance crate engines right to your doorstep. Also available is everything else in the GM Performance catalogue including blocks, heads, cams, intake manifolds, accessory drives and dress-up parts. So while dropping a small-block V-8 into you Cavalier may seem like a good idea the night before, please wait for the light of day to make the final decision.

For the rest of us this is just a quick way to get some more speed out of our GM cars.


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