The future Toyota range will recive a brand new hybrid-only model in 2009.This will help the Japanese carmaker boost its sales of hybrid vehicles past 1 milion vehicles.

New hybrid sedan from Toyota
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The new midsize sedan will join Toyota’s Prius and will be fitted with a 2.5-3.0L engine, rather than the anemic 4 cylinders 1.5L engine currently found in the Prius.

The new hybrid model will use a new engine, wich will be both smaller and lower priced due to Toyota’s third-generation hybrid system.The next generation Prius as well as other hybrid Toyota models will also feature this new powerplant.

New hybrid sedan from Toyota
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It is said that the additional cost of a green car is today of 4.000 $ and would pass then to only 1 900 $.We think that the new midsize sdan wil be in fact the new Avensis, the current model dates back to 2003.

It is said that Toyota would prepare a diesel hybrid by 2010, that should achieve ratings of over 50mpg, even with the tough new EPA standards.

New hybrid sedan from Toyota
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