With all of the hubbub surrounding the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, it was only a matter of time before HBH released more information on their upcoming model. Teased only a couple of months ago with one gun shy rendering, the HBH supercar has now moved to the next phase in its design, as illustrated in these new sketches. HBH’s future supercar will be based on the V12 Vantage, as was the V12 Zagato, but will also feature design aspects from the One-77 supercar. New details suggest that the vehicle will be put into limited production starting 2012 and won’t be built as a one-off model as previously suggested.

HBH is a Danish coachbuilder - named after its owners Hermann, Brandt, and Hartvig - who designed the impressive Zenvo ST1 hypercar, an 1104 horsepower machine. Their newest project won’t tackle that horsepower feat again, but it will carry a V12 engine equipped with twin supercharger specially designed just for this model. The engine in standard form can be found in the V12 Vantage, but only delivering 510 HP. In the HBH supercar, this engine will be specially tweaked to deliver up to about 700 HP. Another difference will be in the placement of the engine; the V12 Vantage carries its engine in the front while the HBH model will be mounted in the middle.

Stay tuned for more details on HBH’s future supercar!


Source: Motorward

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  (484) posted on 08.5.2011

Admittedly, the engine used is impressive thus creating a powerful performance. When talking about the sketch, it is almost the same with Audi and BMW. They just differ on their signature design on the front rear.

  (596) posted on 08.4.2011

I agreed. The styling of the car is more of a Aston Martin look-alike! The figure performance is great, and I think the HBH has perfectly boosted the power output of this vehicle into an impressive amount! 

  (419) posted on 08.4.2011

Referring to the sketch, I would say that the car seems so unoriginal. On the other side, I was impressed with the tweaked in the engine performance of the car. The shifting from its standard power to its upgraded speed is quite remarkable.

  (434) posted on 07.26.2011

The car is so simply that you wouldn’t be able to recognize that it is a sports car. However, the engine they wanted to use is impressive, and it will also use a supercharger. This is really cool.

  (488) posted on 07.22.2011

Well, I guess it would be better if they have based its engine on the One-77, I’m sure this future car will sell like hot cakes. And I think the styling of the car would great.

  (434) posted on 07.22.2011

hmm. It seems that this Danish coachbuilder is working on a new project. IMO, the car looks like a Maserati car. However, the speed performance of this future car is not that powerful for a v12 engine. Actually, its possible engine can produced around 600 hp.

  (579) posted on 07.11.2011

This one probably has an edge in terms of engine placement and performance. Let’s wait for the next phase to check out the development of the future supercar. I really admired its new design.

  (630) posted on 07.11.2011

This future super car of HBH reminds me the design of a V12 Zagato. I hope this one will bring more powerful performance and speed.

  (320) posted on 07.8.2011

It actually looks rather OK. But the thing that I am not really keen on is that it still looks a bit too close to the Vantage in overall design. Maybe if they can make the car more unique, then it would be a good thing.

  (473) posted on 07.8.2011

hmm. This is still a sketch and I guess it will long time before we can see its production version. The figure performance given is still a rumour however if its true then it means that this car would be more powerful compare to the Porsche 911! I hope to read an updates for this concept car.

  (429) posted on 07.8.2011

It seems that the newer platform of the V12 Zagato would be wider compare to the previous model. BTW, I was impressed with their plan of boosting the horsepower of this car from 570 hp to around 700 hp!

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