Where’s the button for Ludicrous Speed on this thing?

The Valkyrie is closer and closer to finally being released into the wild. But, until it’s ready to roam freely, Aston Martin decided to make the waiting that much harder by releasing a new batch of images, one of which shows the production version interior.

Did you ever think you’ll see a two-tone Valkyrie rolling on gorgeous gunmetal-gray multi-spoke wheels? Well, apparently, a white-to-blue color scheme was requested by someone, and Aston Martin was kind enough to release three images of the car in this specification. One of them showcases the Valkyrie’s profile; another is a pigeon-eye view, while the third shot is of the cockpit.

The Valkyrie has to be the hypercar to end all hypercars

New Images of the Aston Martin Valkyrie's Interior Just Cast Shade All over the 2019 McLaren Speedtail
- image 803256

The Valkyrie is, officially, Aston Martin’s Christmas gift to us. The British company, which is doing better than ever, will release its road-legal hypercar in December. The fruit of a collaboration with Austrian Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing, the Valkyrie will be built in a limited run of 150 examples, and all of them have already been sold. That’s in spite of the fact that each one costs $3,200,000.

The Valkyrie, which is what you end up with if you contact an F1 team to help you build a road car with 0 compromises, is an amazing piece of kit. I know this is something that almost every automotive journalist has said or written since the AMR-RB-001 concept car was unveiled last year, but I just have to say it again. I mean, we’ve seen McLaren show off their new Speedtail 3-seater model and that looks stunning thanks to its elongated rear section, although it gives the impression of being the child of a Koenigsegg Regera with an ordinary McLaren 720S.

Built from the partnership between Aston Martin and #RedBullRacing, the ultimate hypercar was created - Aston Martin Valkyrie #BeautifulToDrive #AstonMartin #AstonMartinValkyrie

But this thing that will come out of Gaydon is just something else. It looks like a spacecraft so much that you have to Google pictures of the elusive Devel Sixteen to find something similarly crazy. The ’’only’’ difference is that the Valkyrie’s aerodynamics have been thoroughly tried and tested and they will actually work.

From the two venturi tunnels that run on either side of the safety cell, underneath the curvaceous bodywork, to the huge diffuser at the back that works in tandem with the electronically-controlled wing, everything exudes performance. A lot of performance.

In fact, the Valkyrie will be powered by a Cosworth-developed 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V-12 which will be the most powerful N/A engine ever at 1,130 horsepower. Now, thanks to Aston Martin’s kindness, we can peek inside the interior of the production-ready Valkyrie.

Taking inspiration from today's #F1 race cars, Aston Martin Valkyrie features a reclined ‘feet up' position, ensuring the driver feels at one with the car for the ultimate drive experience #BeautifulToDrive #AstonMartin #AstonMartinValkyrie

The first thing that’s noticeable is the F1-style steering wheel with a load of buttons and knobs on it as well as a digital screen that will display all kinds of vital information as you drive around the track or to the shops. The steering wheel is wrapped in Alcantara leather, more leather making its way to the seat padding. Otherwise, the cockpit is built out of carbon fiber. In fact, you will seat - with your feet up - in molded seats that are incorporated into the car’s monocoque to save weight.

On top of the minimalistic dashboard, there are two screens: one in the middle, which will probably control whatever creature comforts the Valkyrie packs and another one, on the passenger’s side. We’ve only previously seen the interior of the concept that previewed the Valkyrie and that was remarkably similar to the one we see here on a, presumably, production model.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie continues to be the ultimate expression in hypercar design and technology #BeautifulToDrive #AstonMartin #AstonMartinValkyrie

The Valkyrie in these shots also features a very interesting two-tone paint. The front half of the car is painted in a whiteish tint of blue which then turns to a deep dark blue tint towards the back end of the machine. The color scheme is a dead ringer to that exhibited on the Chevrolet Corvette Mako Shark and Manta Ray concepts of the 1960s. Also, this Valkyrie has ditched the translucid turbofans to showcase those huge multi-spoke rims.

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