• New In-Car App from Tesla is Fart-Tastic

The only issue is that it’s not April 1st yet

Tesla’s cloud-based system updates make it easy for owners to download every new improvement that comes from the company founded by Elon Musk. This time, you really should hurry because the latest update includes a brilliant easter-egg: a fart app.

Have you ever wanted to play a practical joke on your friends by deploying an array of fart sounds in your car’s surround audio system? Well, if you own a Tesla, the latest update lets you do just that. You can choose between farts on demand and farts that activate when you toggle the turn signals. Really, now, what more could you wish for?

Musk’s claim seemed fart-fetched, but it’s become a reality

Elon Musk tweeted on December 16th that a new ’wind’ app is in the works. Many joked around in the comments but, now, Tesla owners noticed that, with the latest update, there’s an addition in the Easter Egg drawer. The addition is the new app that Musk was referring to, one that we never knew we needed: an app for farts.

Basically, with this new app, your Tesla is able to produce a number of fart noises on-demand or, if you choose to, the farts will go off when you use the signal stack.

Sadly, as Electrek points out, the company didn’t make use of the sensors within the seats which could’ve also deployed the fart noise when one of the passengers - or the driver - got in the car. Still, there’s plenty of time left until April 1st of next year so let’s hope that this idea will be implemented too.

There are seven types of farts to choose from - we’ll let you decide if that’s too much or not enough - that reference back to some of Telsa’s, and Musk’s, other exploits such as SpaceX and the Boring Company:

  • "Not a Fart" – a reference to The Boring Company’s “Not a Flamethrower“
  • Short Shorts Ripper – Musk likes to taunt TSLA shorts – even sending one of them a box of short shorts at some point.
  • Falcon Heavy – SpaceX’s latest and biggest rocket that boosted the Tesla Roadster into space
  • Ludicrous Fart – a reference to Tesla’s Ludicrous mode
  • Neurastink – Musk has a company called Neuralink
  • Boring Fart – another reference to the Boring Company
  • I’m so random – "this one is going over my head," as described by Electrek.

There’s also a fireplace feature now in the Easter Egg section. This one displays a cozy, old-fashioned fireplace on the car’s gigantic screen and simultaneously ramps up the heat while playing some romantic music. We’re wondering if you could then put some farts on to ruin the mood...

Tell us what you think about these latest easter eggs and what’s your idea of the next funny or mischevious easter egg that Tesla should implement.

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Source: Electrek

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