New iPhone app lets you start your car from your phone

New iPhone app lets you start your car from your phone
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If somebody told you a few months ago that you can now start your car straight from your iPhone, you’d be probably think that dude was nuts. Well, crazier things have happened because, apparently, you can now in fact start your car from your iPhone, thanks to a new application called the Viper SmarStart.

Ok, the idea isn’t exactly revolutionary – electronic car ignitions have been around for a while – but never has the technology come from a mobile phone. The application, which you can get for free, connects to the SmartStart hardware that has been installed in your car and the really cool thing about this particular system is that it does more than just start your car. It can also turn on the car’s heater, unlock the doors, and systematically manages the car’s alarm, ensuring you that it’s up and about at all times.

Unfortunately, while the application itself is free, the hardware isn’t. Word has gone out that the Viper SmartStart will go for around $300 and after getting a first-year service free of charge, users will have to shell out $30 a year to avail of the service. It’s a lot more expensive than we initially thought, but then again, you have to pay to avail of good service so everything pretty much rounds up.


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