Most of us won’t admit it but the one of the main arguments we have in buying an iPhone is due to the innumerable number of applications we can store in them – most specifically on game applications that we spend countless of hours playing whenever the mood strikes us. As such, we’re always on the lookout for the next iPhone game we can hang our hats on be addicted to it.

So when a revolutionary new racing game is being brewed up for the iPhone, we stand up and take attention. Word around the block is being said about a new technology in our iPhone gameplay that allows us to link the game Firemint Real Racing to Youtube courtesy of automatic video captures, which are recorded and uploaded on YouTube for the entire world to see. Talk about putting your best foot forward, huh?

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The key to making this technology work is for the app users to link their games with their YouTube accounts so they can transfer all of their racing videos – whether its Time Trials or League Races – to YouTube immediately after they’ve taken the chequered flag – or finished next to last.

Those who already have the game in their trusty iPhones attest that it’s a must-have for any iPhone user. It includes a total of 36 cars spread out in over three different classes, 12 different tracks to master, five different game modes, not to mention, online league play and a leaderboard feature that tracks who’s dominating and who’s being dominated - giving us a real racing experience all from our trust handhelds. Even more impressive is the personalized game play it provides. You can actually control your cars by simulating your iPhone as your own personal steering wheel. Firemint Real Racing can even carry up to six cars on screen and also comes with its very own cockpit view, giving gamers a whole new racing experience on their iPhones.

We haven’t seen a lot of racing games on the iPhone that’s as interactive as the Firemint Real Racing. So, if you still don’t have this app on your iPhone, we don’t know what you’re waiting for. Let the addiction begin!

Source: Kotaku

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