After months of teasing, the mystery has been finally solved: the man who will enjoy all the work done for the New Stratos is Michael Stoschek, a German millionaire. The project has been two years coming and with final testing and polishing complete, the one-off model was given its big sendoff, but not before all who were involved joined together for some good ol’ fashioned celebrating.

This special model is powered by a Ferrari 430 motor producing 483hp. The body is comprised of carbon fiber and the chassis
is shorter than the 430’s.

The one-off Lancia Stratos is far from completing its journey, however. The vehicle will need to undergo further track practice as the final performance figures need to be calculated and transformed into verifiable data. These figures need to be complete and accounted for by the time the new Lancia Stratos is presented to the international press at the Paul Ricard Circuit in two weeks.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Draped in black cloth, the New Stratos stands waiting in a Pininfarina production hall for its new owner. Work on the details – painting, polishing, etc. – has been underway up until the final hour. Now, at handover time, the automobile is near perfect.

A big kudos is due to the Pininfarina team, which after two years of hard work delivered a perfect car. Only upon reviewing the comprehensive photo documentation, can the amount of work that’s gone into the construction of this one-off vehicle be truly appreciated. Right down to the very last detail the finish is exceptional for an one-off car.

Engineers and technicians take the New Stratos for a few further short test drives around the Italian design company to make absolutely sure everything is in perfect working order. Adjustments are made once more; final details optimized. Then, at last, the glasses are raised, words of thanks exchanged, and the obligatory handover celebration goes on late into the night.

The following morning, the time has come: the New Stratos sets course for its new home – and although the highway isn’t the racecar’s preferred territory, it delivers some real driving pleasure right off the bat, on the first entry ramp.

In the coming days, the sports car will add several miles to the 3,000 test kilometers it clocked up in recent months at various racetracks and handling circuits. Final performance figures have to be determined, objective measurements transformed into verifiable data.

After all, there are only a few more weeks to go until the New Stratos’ presentation to the international press at the Paul Ricard Circuit… Two weeks – to be exact.

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  (745) posted on 11.21.2010

Oh! He is so lucky to have that car. Congratulations Michael Stoschel! Enjoy and have fun with your new lancia stratos.

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