• New Lawsuit States That Toyota Forced Owners To Keep Quiet

It’s amazing, as even though the Toyota unintended acceleration issue was some time ago, some stories keep popping up at least once a month. This time, there are accusations against the Japanese automaker that they forced people to keep quiet about the issue. Part of this deal was that Toyota would buy-back these problematic vehicles, but in order to get them to do that, owners had to sign a confidentially statement that stated they couldn’t talk to anyone about it.

The suit also points to Toyota documents that stated engineers and technicians were able to recreate the issue. This entire thing aside, the suit is basically saying that Toyota knew about the issue, but failed to act for years.

Toyota has stated that all owners who sold their vehicles back were asked to sign a liability waiver and there was no confidentiality statement in this waiver. Frankly, while they might have failed to act, this story seems a bit to mafia-like for a car company.


Source: Reuters via Yahoo News

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  (412) posted on 03.23.2011

For all the news wherein the Toyota is involving, I think this one is the funniest. It seems that we are just over reacting on what’s happening. And about the agreement between the Toyota and owners,IMO, they made it so that they will not judge them, and hearsay might conclude a wrong speculation and conclusions.

  (377) posted on 11.2.2010

Totally agree, I read the heading and the first look I thought "why did they post a picture of a fit?"

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