Could arrive as early as 2018 with brand-new V-8 engine

A new leak from Katech, General Motors’ racing partner, suggests that the long-rumored, mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette Zora is indeed underway. According to numerous sources on the Interwebz, Katech’s website had a section dedicated to the "C8 Corvette ZR1/Zora LT5". We say "had" because the company has since removed the page. Fortunately enough, the folks over at Corvette Forum were quick enough to take a screen shot of what could be the best confirmation to date about the first even mid-engined Corvette.

The web page didn’t provide much information, but it did say that a "C8 Corvette ZR1/Zora" is "in development." Also, it provided information as to when it might arrive, saying it’s a "2018+" model year. The section also included a photo showing a sharp, aggressive nose with a wide grille, angular headlamps, and a massive bulge and V-shaped vent built into the front hood. On the other hand, this image isn’t exactly new, having been unveiled in early 2015, when a film crew for the Velocity show “Americarna” visited a General Motors design studio to document how concept cars become reality.

The removed page also provides additional hints about Chevy’s strategy for the upcoming car. Based on the name listed by Katech, the super Corvette will be offered in two versions. A "base" ZR1 and a higher-performance Zora trim. Also, the "LT5" refers to the engine that will motivate the sports car. GM previously used the "LT5" denomination for the engine in the C4-generation Corvette ZR-1, but it’s not unlikely for the name to return in the future.

Can we take this as official confirmation of the C8’s development? Not exactly, but the fact that GM’s racing partner had a page about the long-rumored Corvette adds credence to rumors that Chevrolet is already working on a mid-engined Corvette.

Why It Matters?

Although this report is by no means an official confirmation of the C8’s existence, it adds to the big amount of rumors about the upcoming mid-engined Corvette. And, if past rumors about other highly-anticipated cars are any indication, there’s no smoke without fire. I’m positive that Katech has something to do with the mid-engined Corvette and for some reason that page made it onto the website by mistake. Or, maybe it was intentional for Chevy to create more buzz around its upcoming sports car. Either way, the C8 is getting closer and closer and we could see it in the metal as early as 2018. Until then, stay tuned for updates on the subject, because there will be plenty of them.

Source: Corvette Forum

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