We all know LEGO is awesome with kits for the Mini Cooper and the Tumbler Batmobile, but LEGO Technic is even more awesome than normal. Technic sets add cool things like motors with functioning pistons, pull-back motors and more. They even sold a 2-foot-long Formula One car. Now the team behind Technic is at it again. Over the last few months they have come out with a whole new set of Technic sets that are better than ever. While they have the traditional sets of things like large construction equipment, there are new sets for a prototype Le Mans racer, a formula off-roader, a land-speed record car and a performance motorcycle.

Most of the kits also feature a secondary build that lets you build two entirely different models from the same kit. After the jump we have a quick overview of each model, its secondary build and a video straight from LEGO to give you an idea of how they each model looks and functions.

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LEGO Kit 42037: Formula Off-Roader

The Formula Off-Roader kit is a medium-sized kit that features large open-tread tires, long-travel suspension, a working steering rack and a four-cylinder engine with moving pistons. When you get tires of getting dirty in the mud, the kit can also be used to make what LEGO calls the Muscle Racer.

LEGO Kit 42039: 24 Hours Race Car

Thanks to the complicated world of licensing, LEGO doesn’t call this car a prototype racer or a Le Mans racer, but there is no mistaking what the 24 Hours Race Car really is. With those upright headlamps, sloped nose and huge rear wing, this car looks just like the machines that Audi, Toyota and Porsche are using in the highest echelons of endurance racing today. Four-wheel independent suspension, gullwing doors, and a V-8 engine all add that extra touch of complexity that makes these kits so much fun to build. After finishing with your Le Mans dreams, you can turn the kit into an SUV racer that looks ready to dominate at Dakar. This is the largest kit of the models presented here.

LEGO Kit 42033: Record Breaker

Record Breaker is exactly what you might expect. This model lets you build a long, tubular car with a big wing, jet engine and single-man cockpit. These cars have been in use for decades by people attempting to blow away records at the salt flats. This model comes with a pull-back motor, so you can watch it in motion straight out of the box. As the smallest kit here, there is no secondary build for the Record Breaker, but LEGO does offer instructions to combine it with another new small Technic kit called the Quad Bike.

LEGO Kit 42036: Street Motorcycle

Lego has been doing cars for years, but this is one of their only complex motorcycle builds. Modeled after modern sport bikes wearing badges like GSXR and CBR, the Street Motorcycle is a sleek and aggressive two-wheeled machine with some cool touches. There is a full-pivot fork with front suspension and a mounted swing-arm for the rear, and the kit uses a chain drive system to make the pistons move as the rear wheel rolls. Cool! LEGO even went so far as to add a kickstand so you can display the model. If you prefer a more classic style, the secondary build for this kit is a retro café racer.

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