You’ve seen the new Mercedes Benz CLK Black edition and you know it is powered by a 6.2 liter AMG powered V8 which easily makes over 500 horsepower. What does this mean for the new C63 AMG " ? Motortrend thinks that the new Black Editoin CLK is a form of foreshadowing to what the next C63 AMG could be.

With the "CLK 63 rated [at] 500 horses it should give a clue as to how the power-to-weightratio will pay off in the C63 AMG."

Lets just hope that the new C63 AMG will push the 500 horsepower barrier to overpower the new M3 and Audi RS5 as the top horspower car in the luxury sport segment.

In the end it will be tough for consumers to experience the new Black edition with "only 300" coming to the United States. So USA AMG enthusiasts will be pleased to have the new C63 AMG beast when it arrives on our shores with its less shocking price , and easy availability.


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