Sure, traditionally most Mercedes-Benz automobiles have either been silver or black.
But the company is now going in for “green” in a big way.
Rumor has it that the Frankfurt auto show this fall will see Mercedes introduce as many as eighteen new models with “green” environment-friendly engines, including diesels, hybrids, Bluetec diesels and possibly a vehicle using a fuel cell.
The models involved are the C class, E class, and S class. The C class car will be a diesel that gets 100 km out of 5 liters of fuel, which is 47 miles per gallon. That model is destined for production as a 2011 model. Versions of the E and S classes are expected to meet European emissions standards which don’t become effective for another seven years.
Mercedes is also expected to show a hydrogen fuel-cell car – a car that might see a test fleet of 150 for the 2010 model year.
The Bluetec S class vehicle has been rumored for some time. It reportedly has an engine displacement of only 2.2 liters and gets 35 mpg. “Bluetec” is Mercedes’ trade name for a which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines. It first showed Bluetec equipped vehicles at the North American Auto Show in 2007. The fuel cell car is likely a twin-turbo four cylinder of about 200 hp. BMW has recently put running hydrogen powered vehicles into limited public use, restricting them to high visibility celebrities.

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