In profile, it looks like a 350Z that got squeezed from the ends, pushing up the roof in the middle. But don’t worry. In production, it is likely to look a lot more like the Urge concept car than the mule spotted testing at Nurburging.
But it was spotted testing at Nurburging.

Though it has a family resemblance to the current 350Z, it’s shorter and has a shorter wheelbase. In fact, the body appears to be a chopped 350Z body, with a roof riveted into place make the cobbled up mule airtight. 
Reports suggest that Nissan is targeting the Porsche Cayman for this car. Whether this is a new car, positioned below the current 350Z, or a new lower-priced version of the 350Z is not currently known. 
However, it would not be consistent with the recently announced Nissan business strategy for the company to be abandoning a market in which they have done well – the market for the current 350Z. Adding a lower priced sports model would allow the 350 Z to move a bit upmarket, increasing Nissan profit without significantly increasing its competition.

Source: WindingRoad

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  (372) posted on 06.12.2007

Could this new car be the spiritual successor to the 240SX? It would be about time, I think. I think they should use the SR20VET and give it a name such as 200S (dropping the X like they did with the ZX to make the Z).

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