• New Peugeot RT4 Telematics System

Peugeot’s in-car telematics range has now been extended with the introduction of the new RT4 system which will be launched in the Peugeot 407.The main innovation of the new RT4 system is the integration of an «automotive» specification computer hard disk (i.e. a disk designed to operate in an automobile environment) with a capacity of 30 Gigabytes. This still relatively new technology is a big step forward over systems available today.

The key functions provided by the new RT4 system are as follows:

  • - complete mapping of all 30 countries in Europe stored on the hard disk,
  • - a “Jukebox” with a capacity to store up to 180 hours of music from audio CD’s or MP3 CD’s,
  • - a colour screen with a “perspective” view (3D),
  • - faster processing time for destination calculations,
  • - improved reception of both the radio and traffic information, thanks to the installation of a 3rd tuner.

The new RT4 system is a complete change from the current RT3 system which has already won over 250,000 customers in Europe since its launch, in the Peugeot range in 2002.
Perfectly integrated in the vehicle interior both functionally and stylistically, the new RT4 system, like the current RT3, is a «4 in 1» device: it combines multiple audio and multimedia functions, a hands-free GSM phone, services such as local emergency call and a GPS navigation system.

New Peugeot RT4 Telematics System
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The new RT4 system retains the intuitive operating logic of the RT3 and its capacity to connect a portable MP3 player via the RCA/auxiliary sockets.These also allow - when stopped – the displaying of digital photos or films.

The RT3’s voice synthesis and recognition system, both practical and reassuring (especially for navigation and hands-free telephone use) has been retained and upgraded.

The new RT4 system, like the RT3, also includes the Peugeot Urgence Service. This service is provided free of charge, with no time limit, and is currently available in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Luxemburg, guaranteeing assistance in the customer’s own language.

The system can be triggered manually or automatically (if the airbags have deployed...). Whether it is a witness or the victim of an accident, it allows rapid intervention of suitable assistance.In
2006 over 300 users were helped thanks to the Peugeot Urgence Service.

New Peugeot RT4 Telematics System
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Peugeot Mobile Services

To be introduced shortly, «Peugeot Mobile Services» will be offered to all French and German customers specifying the RT4 or RT3 systems.With this new service, the customer will be able to call on an efficient and personal service to assist their own specific requirements, via the GSM phone integrated into the new RT4 or RT3.

For example:

  • Have to get to a meeting and cannot find the address?
  •  Looking for a restaurant in a certain price range in a place you don’t know?
  •  Want to find an alternative route to your normal journey?
New Peugeot RT4 Telematics System
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In France, customers will also be able to obtain the locations of fixed safety cameras on their chosen route. An operator will be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to provide information when required.

This service will be available for a free trial period of 3 months, then available via a monthly subscription that will include an annual map update.

Response to new automotive needs

Full of technology, the new RT4 system is positioned as a product to meet the expectations of customers who are seeking greater peace of mind, reassurance and security in their everyday life. For example, the user can now follow all the roads in Europe, whilst listening to their personal music library.
But more than a travelling companion, more than a co-driver, the new RT4 is a real guardian angel for all the occupants in a vehicle fitted with the system.

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  (1) posted on 03.29.2014

RT 4 is absolute crap. I got I phone 5s. How should I connect it via bluetooth if that crap doesnt have it? Another fail from french cars

  (5990) posted on 02.26.2008

what about bluetooth, no one uses built in phones how rediculous

  (5990) posted on 02.20.2008

Is it posible to update softwear from RT3 to RT4

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