For those who have been waiting for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS to come out, well, hop on the bandwagon. Despite the fact that Porsche’s newest sports toy is still a long ways away from being released, our expectations really haven’t gone to those lengths yet. At this point, we’d be happy to just see photos of the 911 GT2 RS.

And so, thanks to the wonder that is the Internet, our wishes have been granted, albeit not by a lot. Thanks to Autogespot, new photos of the 911 GT2 RS, which look like they were taken during a presentation of sorts, have surfaced. Much to our delight, the sports car looks to be as mean as it is expected to be fast. Sporting a completely tuned-up body with a carbon fiber hood, ginormous air intakes, a new set of performance wheels, and enough spoilers to make Xzibit gush, the 911 GT2 RS is about as ready for a day on the track as any Porsche car we’ve seen in a while.

Tech details behind the car are still hazy at this point, though we fully expect Porsche to come out with them as soon as they become readily available. In the meantime, these photos are about the closest thing we have to drooling over the car. And we’re not even complaining.


Source: Autogespot

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  (407) posted on 05.18.2010

oh cool super car... pretty nasty.. i bet GT-R is preparing to meet this one.

  (808) posted on 05.16.2010

hmm, I guess they’ve build the GT2 to compete and smoke the GT-R. Porsche and Nissan has a very tight competition specially on the super car line.

  (666) posted on 05.13.2010

A meaner and badder 911 GT... the stance looks more masculine and cannot be out perform by the GT-R.

  (555) posted on 05.12.2010

Pretty awesome! I like the style it is perfectly looks arrogant the interior are also have some special structure that attracts people to buy one of this car.

  (428) posted on 05.12.2010

The GT2 is my favourite Porsche along with the GT3 so an RS version is even better! That’s an amazing car!

Naterade22  (238) posted on 05.11.2010

Looks amazing. Even though I am a GT-R fan, the GT2 RS looks amazing.

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