DMC cleverly decided to set December 12, 2012 as the date it was going to unveil its special edition program for the Lamborghini Aventador. With that date reading 12/12/12, the growing sentiment that we’re in for a huge surprise has become more palpable as the day nears.

For its part, DMC is doing a pretty good job wetting our appetites without giving away too much, which it’s done through the tried-and-tested method of teaser photos. Recently, a pair of new photos showing DMC engineers working on the Aventador showed up on the Web.

Both photos show the full body of the Aventador, including glimpses of what looks like a huge rear spoiler and carbon side sills. Meanwhile, the other photo gives us a better look at the enormous carbon fiber front end, a possible preview of a body kit that’ll blow our minds away.

Understandably, we’re champing at the bit to see the whole project come to a head on 12/12/12. Exercising patience has never been one of our strong suits, so we’ll keep an eye out for more details.


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