The Lamborghini gods will be displeased knowing the fate of this particular Huracan

If you polled 100 people, Family Feud style, and asked them what random item they can find in a desert, an abandoned Lamborghini Huracan would probably register zero answers. And yet, unbelievably, there really is an abandoned Huracan in the Nevada desert just outside of the city of Las Vegas.

Long thought to be an uncorroborated rumor, the folks over at Royalty Exotic Cars went to the alleged site where the Huracan was beached and found exactly what they were looking for. It’s not every day that you see a $200,000 supercar abandoned in the middle of almost-nowhere, but, if for nothing else, this proves that wonders abound in places you least expect to find them.

How did this Lamborghini Huracan end up abandoned in the Nevada desert?

We may never find out how this Lamborghini Huracan suffered this fate, but based on its state, there’s a good chance that the driver lost control of the car and crashed it beyond repair.

Parts of the windshield is cracked, suggesting that it hit something before the desert beat the Huracan’s chassis to a pulp.

There’s no visible damage to the body of the car so it’s unlikely that it hit another, but something slammed into it with enough force to engage the driver’s side airbags. It’s a bit confusing, I know, but there’s enough evidence to suggest that something beyond the driver’s control happened for him to lose control of the Huracan in that manner. Maybe it hit an animal or maybe it hit something else. What’s evident is the driver abandoned the Huracan when he realized that it had been totaled.

What happens to the Lamborghini Huracan?

New Place to Look for Abandoned Lamborghinis: The Desert
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The folks from Royalty Exotic Cars disclosed that the Huracan is owned by a car rental company that’s based in Oklahoma. They’ve been in contact with the said company to determine what to do with the supercar, though nothing has been set in stone in that regard. With the damage that it incurred, it’s unlikely that this Huracan will return to a functioning state unless extensive repairs happen. These repairs could cost more money than buying a new Huracan — or even a slightly used one — so that could explain why it’s just sitting in the desert without anybody trying to claim it.

It’s still a waste to see it rot in the desert just like that, right?

New Place to Look for Abandoned Lamborghinis: The Desert
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Yes, it is, though, at this point, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s in any hurry to claim the Huracan. If that wasn’t the case, somebody would’ve hired someone — a towing company, perhaps — to pull the beached Lambo out and have the damages assessed.

It’s a sad state of affairs seeing a $200,000 supercar get abandoned in that fashion, especially in a place where its condition could worsen just by being in the sun all day long. But it is what it is.

Lamborghini Huracan Coupe Specifications
Engine 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V-10
Gearbox 7-speed LDF dual-clutch semi-automatic
Output 602 horsepower at 8,250 rpm
Torque 413 pound-feet of torque at 6,500 rpm
0-60 mph 2.5 seconds
Top speed 203 mph
Power to weight 423.3 horsepower per tonne
Price Between $999 and over $4,000 per day depending on availability/company and as little as $150 per hour (or $749 for four hours) without coupons
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