Of course Renault denied it, it’s normal after all - the auto makers have a strange habit of denying everything that’s cool. But it will happen! The Alpine brand will be revived and the company will bring it’s first sports car since the RenaultSport Spider.

The new Alpine model will be launched in 2011. "Since the company’s conception in the 1950s, Alpine cars have been defined by their lightweight constructions and their affordability," Pelata told Autocar. "Our intention is to revive the brand with a car that has the same virtues."

The 2011 Alpine model will be powered by a longitudinally mounted four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that will deliver enough power -at least 220bhp - to can easily compete with Mazda MX-5.

There are no news about what platform the future Alpine will use, but the biggest clue dropped thus far was the Nissan Urge concept – an open, longitudinally-engined two-seat concept shown by Nissan in 2006, based on a shortened version of the 350Z’s underpinnings.


Source: AutoCar

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  (82) posted on 06.12.2008

That looks fantastic, i hope they’ll make it.

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