• New Render Envisions The Mythical $25,000 Tesla - Is This The Model H?

We would be more than happy if the affordable Tesla looked like this

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At the 2020 Tesla Battery Day event, Musk announced that the company will build a $25,000 ‘affordable’ EV. This came as a surprise because Musk had mentioned in the past that the company will not build an inexpensive vehicle. There are no specific details about the car yet, not even the body style, but it is expected to be a hatch.

An artist who goes by the handle ‘KDesign AG’ has rendered the $25,000 EV and uploaded it on Behance. The artist calls it the Model H, and honestly, it looks super classy.

New Render Envisions The Mythical $25,000 Tesla - Is This The Model H?
- image 971566

Up front, it is unmistakably Tesla, courtesy of those doe-eyed headlights and the sculpted bumper. It is imagined with dual-spoke wheels wrapped in low-profile tires. Unlike the Tesla cars, this one features pull-type door handles, which is a neat touch considering that it’s a budget car.

The hatch looks smart from the rear, too, with the signature Tesla taillights connected with a chrome bar with the ‘Tesla’ lettering. All-in-all, it looks very proportionate from all the sides and angles.

New Render Envisions The Mythical $25,000 Tesla - Is This The Model H?
- image 971249

The hatch seems to have a generous ground clearance here. It also features dual-tone paint, which is a thoughtful touch given how popular it is in the market today. Tesla doesn’t offer dual-tone jobs on its cars, but it would be nice to have it on the upcoming affordable car, at least.

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What Do We Know About The $25,000 Tesla?

New Render Envisions The Mythical $25,000 Tesla - Is This The Model H?
- image 971567

At this point, the details are scarce. Musk had led us to believe that the $25,000 EV will feature the new 4680-cell battery, which were also announced at the same event. It is said to offer six times the power, five times the energy capacity, and 16-percent more range than the current batteries. The 4680 cells will also result in a 14-percent cost reduction per kWh at the cell form factor level. So, it seemed logical that the new EV will feature these.

However, a close look at the presentation slides from the event revealed that the new car and the Model 3 will feature “iron-based” batteries, which are lithium-iron-phosphate batteries that focus on a long life cycle. We’ll know more about this in the future.

New Render Envisions The Mythical $25,000 Tesla - Is This The Model H?
- image 971250
Other than this, you can expect the car to have a single-motor setup in the base form, a range of around 200 miles, and not as high on performance as the other Teslas.

During the event, Musk had also mentioned that the car will be fully autonomous. He also said that the car could arrive in three years, but the Chinese market is already gearing up for a new Tesla hatch that is being dubbed as the Model 2 and could be revealed at the end of 2021.

Source: KD Design via. Behance

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