• New Rendering Shines Light on What Aston Martin’s First EV Could Look Like

Take our word for it: this could be the most attractive Aston Martin model ever

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Aston Martin’s CEO, Tobias Moers, recently revealed that an all-new Aston Martin EV is scheduled to arrive by 2025. Like most automakers, Aston will take its time transitioning from internal combustion to entirely electric vehicles, but only until 2030. That first EV in 2025 will be the first major step to Aston’s all-electric future, and this independent rendering, known as the Voltage, from Diego Guerrero gives us an idea of what it could look like. Is this the right way to bid goodbye to the V-12s and V-8s for a more progressive future?

New Rendering Shines Light on What Aston Martin's First EV Could Look Like
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This isn’t the first rendering that we’ve seen for the upcoming Aston EV, but this time, it is something completely different. The rendered car’s name suggests that he got his inspiration from the Vantage, as does its overall appearance. But unlike the cars powered today V-8 or V-12 engines, there will be electric motors to provide all the grunt. Expecting 700-800 horsepower wouldn’t be so foolish, since Aston has Mercedes-Benz backing it, which opens the door to sharing of some of AMG’s EV hardware.

The front fascia has a huge grille-like design, with sleek headlights, similar to Audi’s Skysphere, flanking both sides. The side air vents are huge, and so is the lower lip spoiler. To describe it in a few words, the Voltage looks like some concept car from China that didn’t go into mass production.

New Rendering Shines Light on What Aston Martin's First EV Could Look Like
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The sides of the Voltage showcase the huge wheels, probably 22 inches, and the sloping roofline. The side skirts look amazing with the carbon-fiber-like lower part. The tail section is something we have never seen before. There are two lightbars, one at the top, and the other below the Aston Martin emblem, followed by a huge carbon-fiber rear diffuser. To be honest, this is one of the wildest Aston Martin renderings we have seen, yet it still seems plausible. Hopefully, this a firm representation of what we can expect from electric Aston Martin sports cars in the future.

Source: Diego Guerrero via Behance

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