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Ferrari’s first SUV is happening whether we like it or not. Maranello is poised to give the Urus a run for its money with a high-riding vehicle, the so-called Purosangue. Little is known about Ferrari’s first (and hopefully last) attempt to attract SUV-loving clients, which means pixel manipulators around the world have had a lot of leeway in coming up with their vision on what the Purosangue could look like.

Of that bunch, Laco Design came forward a pair of renderings that take a stab at guessing a potential design avenue Ferrari might or might not take with the Purosangue, opting to bake in a handful of styling cues seen on Ferrari’s stunningly elegant 2020 Roma supercar.

The Ferrari Purosangue will take a lot after the Roma, actually

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Posted by LACO Design on Saturday, December 28, 2019

Ferrari will develop the Purosangue SUV on the same platform that underpins the Roma. Inevitably, the SUV will pick up some design cues from the sleek supercar, and this can only offer a glimmer of hope that the Purosangue will have a body to brag about.

Which brings us to Laco Design’s renderings. As you can see, the Roma influence is pretty hefty, starting with the wheels and ending with the whole rear end design. The taillights are different though, as the artist went for a thin LED stripe that crosses the rear section from West to East instead of the dash-style graphics flaunted by the Roma. What’s more, the hypothetical Purosangue’s front grille is wider and flanked by shorter headlights that don’t reach towards the back and instead follow the line of the front haunches.

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In a sense, Laco’s work is similar in approach to what Aston Martin did with the DBX, which is by far the sleekest luxury SUV we’ve seen so far. Whether Ferrari will walk that path too, or instead, opt for the ever popular SUV-coupe shape, well, that’s just a matter of wait and see. But we’d like it to be the former and our preference is best illustrated by these renderings.

What’s new on the Ferrari Purosangue topic?

Ferrari Gives Off First Details of the Purosangue and it'll Probably be a Coupe-SUV
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It’s unclear when will Ferrari introduce the Purosangue, but Maranello’s SUV is expected to make an official appearance by 2021, so there’s a high chance of a debut happening in 2020. Traditionally, the Geneva Motor Show has been Ferrari’s favorite catwalk for showcasing its new models, but we doubt that the carmaker can speed up the SUV’s development to have a show car ready by the beginning of March 2020.

Why is that? Because just like it’s the case with Aston Martin’s DBX or even Lambo’s Urus, the Purosangue will mark the first contact with the Ferrari brand for a lot of new customers and rushing things could result in quality flaws, something that’s unacceptable for the Cavallino Rampante. Also, we’re not ruling out the possibility of a private unveiling sometime in mid or late 2020.

2020 Ferrari Purosangue Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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That said, recent rumors talked about an evolved 6.5-liter V-12 gasoline engine that would make its way inside the front-mid-engined Ferrari Purosangue. All-wheel-drive is also on the menu, as is an architecture that can support the said V-12 but also a V-6 or a V-8 powerplant. Mind you, the hybrid Purosangue - if it is to happen - won’t be based on the V-12.

The larger engine, paired to a battery pack that’s already heavy, will only make the Purosangue more sluggish than it needs to be. So, for a hybrid Purosangue, Ferrari will likely turn its attention to the V-6. Don’t get your hopes up on pure electric range, as the hybrid setup will serve in the name of performance and not necessarily fuel efficiency.

Source: Laco Car Design

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