Early last month we brought you rumors of a replacement for the current Bugatti Veryon as early as 2011. The rumors are now surfacing again along with plans for an even faster version of the 1001 hp supercar. Before VW replaces the current Veyron, there could be a new "Veyron GT" could have as much as top 1200bhp and be capable of 270 mph. At that speed, you may literally not know what hit you.

It seems that Volkswagen really likes having this car as a flagship (or just is a glutton for punishment) because VW reportedly looses money on every $1.5 million Veyron sold.


Source: Autocar

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Bugatti_Veyron  (1) posted on 08.27.2008

I Agree with Bugattiveyron

Bugatti_Veyron  (10) posted on 08.23.2008

Veyron GT ? Sounds like something to shut up the SSC Ultimate Aero fanboys... smiley

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