New Sailing-inspired Wheels from AEZ

New Sailing-inspired Wheels from AEZ
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We feature quite a bit of new aftermarket on TopSpeed, but this is the first time AEZ have made it into our pages. Reason being, that this wheel has a unique design cues, following the companies sponsorship of yacht racing.

The aptly named AEZ Yacht wheel features a monoblock, single piece design that is available in a multitude of sizes, with all weather characteristics. The spoked design breaks powerfully out of the center of the wheel, reminiscent of a grapnel anchor – an integral part of sailing kit. The wheels’ all weather characteristics are achieved by the use of a robust and transparent high-gloss coating, that is resistant to snow, mud, and grit.

The wheels themselves are available for various applications; larger sizes for SUVs and smaller for passenger cars. Currently the Yacht is available from 15” to 18” for passenger cars and the Yacht SUV is made in 19”, with a 20” joining the lineup in spring next year.

Prices for Yacht wheels can be attained by calling AEZ directly.


Source: AEZ Wheels

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  (647) posted on 05.5.2011

Well, I guess what you’re talking about Tom is the one that has a blingsmiley I really don’t know much about wheels but I believe that the power is in the I right?

  (528) posted on 03.1.2011

love how they have the hood removed to expose the dual 4G63T engines that so many of us have a love hate relationship with.

  (336) posted on 03.1.2011

man, those are some sweet concepts, I really like the Mitsubishi concept, aggressive, futuristic, and minimal, a great combo!

  (386) posted on 10.29.2010

that would be a cool wheel though. like the one we could actually see in the Pimp my ride.

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