The new Subaru BRZ looks rather bland. These bits and bobs will change that

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You are probably aware that Toyota GR 86 and Subaru BRZ were unveiled simultaneously in Japan-spec guise not too long ago. Both sports cars are good for 232 horsepower in Japan and come with a rather toned down design language, yet Subaru is upping the ante with a set of accessories and STI performance parts aimed at those who want a spicier-looking BRZ.

New STI Performance Parts Make the Subaru BRZ Look Menacing
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Mind you, the parts shown in Japan are currently under development and will not be sold in other markets, according to Autoblog. However, it would not be too far-fetched to assume that Subaru will offer a similar package for the US-spec BRZ, once it makes its market debut.

Subsequently, Toyota is also likely to adopt this practice with the GR 86. The carmaker can develop specific parts under its Gazoo Racing and TRD divisions and the lure of more income could have a big say in this.

New STI Performance Parts Make the Subaru BRZ Look Menacing
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Coming back to the parts in question, it looks like many of them were designed to upgrade the BRZ visually and aerodynamically. There is a new front lip hugging the front spoiler, the side intakes are now fitted with LED fog lights, and the rear skirts get some sort of winglets right in front of the rear wheels.

In the rear, Subaru can fit a thin and subtle decklid spoiler or an out-and-out wing made of carbon fiber. Rounding up the package is a set of Y-spoked wheels painted in bronze, perhaps a nod back to the yellow rims flaunted by the rally-ready Subarus of yesteryear.

New STI Performance Parts Make the Subaru BRZ Look Menacing
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In the meantime, we expect the same treatment to extend to the US-bound GT 86 and BRZ.

It might take some time, but the option of adding more gusto to a somewhat toned-down appearance might bode well with a lot of customers.

Then again, the previous 86 and BRZ have been highly appreciated by tuners and it won’t be long before all sorts of aftermarket kits and packages start pouring in outside what Toyota and Subaru might be willing to offer.

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2022 Subaru BRZ specifications
Engine 2.0-liter flat-four
Horsepower 228 HP
Torque 184 LB-FT
Transmission six-speed manual/six-speed automatic
Weight 2,815 pounds (manual)/2,881 pounds (automatic)
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