If you’re a fan of Top Gear, it was a rather sad day when we found out that the show was shutting down after the altercation between Jeremy Clarkson and the one of the show’s producers. Not everything that came from it was bad, however. Clarkson’s co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May went on to do live shows in 32 cities and even signed a deal with Amazon to do an exclusive show of their own, but what would happen to Top Gear?

Well according to Top Gear’s new presenter, Chris Evans, our thirst for the British show will finally be eased come May 8th, when the first new episode broadcasts on BBC2. Furthermore, during an interview on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen, James Martin said “We’re going to America to make our first intere-continental in January.” So not only will we get to see Top Gear again, but there will be at least one episode recorded here in the States.

We still haven’t received word on who will co-present the show with Chris Evans, but according to Evans, filming has already started and there will be 16 episodes for the first season. So, we won’t be seeing our old friends Clarkson, Hammond, and May on Top Gear, but Top Gear will continue. The only real question is can it really stack up against the Top Gear that we’ve all come to love?

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Why it matters

I think it’s awesome that Top Gear is making it back to BBC, but I’m afraid it’s just not going to be as good as the show before. When you have guys like Clarkson, Hammond, and May doing what they do, you get used to that, and I hope Evans (and his co-presenters) don’t try to simply replace the outgoing stars. If the show is going to be successful, and I hope it is, they’ll have to make it their own. I’m excited to see where they go with the show, and I can’t wait to see what happens when they come to the States.

Source: TheGuardian

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