Volkswagen is offering its customers new ways to make the best sold SUV on the European market even more unique. Volkswagen’s Accessories list includes: front and rear protective guards, and rocker panels with integrated steps.

New Volkswagen Accessories for Tiguan
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All the new accessories are available in brushed aluminum look or in matte silver finish and can be combined with a new aerodynamics package. The last one includes: front spoiler, rear spoiler with diffuser, roof edge spoiler, wing expansion and 19 inch wheels.

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Press release

Power and wildness stand for the successful Tiguan. The Volkswagen Accessories products for this model also reflect these characteristics. Volkswagen Accessories now offers the practical and visually enhancing underride guard set for the front and rear ends of the series Tiguan. An underride guard variant is also available for those who have already selected aerodynamics products or the R-Line for their Tiguan.

New Volkswagen Accessories for Tiguan
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While the underride guard set in brushed aluminium look for the front and rear ends of the series vehicle has a substantially larger and more striking design, the matte silver front underride guard for the Tiguan already equipped with aerodynamics products from Volkswagen Accessories lends the vehicle’s appearance a noble and yet powerful element.

The smoothed stainless steel running boards ensure safe entry and exit and are suitable for both the series Tiguan and models already equipped with aerodynamics packages. The underride guard and running boards lend the wild youngster among the Volkswagen vehicles an even more powerful appearance and a more spirited presence both on and off road.

New Volkswagen Accessories for Tiguan
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Volkswagen Accessories offers those interested in the products for the all-round aerodynamics package for the Tiguan the following components: The front spoiler accentuates the powerful front end of the Tiguan while reducing lift on the front axle. The rear spoiler with diffuser provides both off-road character and optimal aerodynamics. The matching roof edge spoiler reduces drag and thus perfects the Tiguan’s road handling. The wing expansion promises additional accents and, in addition to the visual aspect, the edges of the wings simultaneously protect and guarantee the legally required wheel coverage for 19 inch wheels.

New Volkswagen Accessories for Tiguan
- image 317876
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  (345) posted on 02.11.2010

I think this test shows that this car is not really suited for even moderate use off road. 195mm of ground clearance just isn’t enough and is likely the least in class. The ESP not suited to this use just confirms that they don’t really want you to take it off road.

  (345) posted on 02.11.2010

well tiguan is already aggressive and sporty SUV it doesn’t need to accessorise.

  (14) posted on 09.8.2009

Personally i think this is a great SUV you are paying for a Q5 at a fraction of the cost i think that if you dont mind owning a suv with a rubbish badge this is more than OK it offers almost a direct competition to the X3 GLK or even its sister the new Q5 so its your call you could own a very good donkey for the price of a medicre Horse.

Emmanuel Rubi

  (137) posted on 09.5.2009

I just hope this accesories for Tiguan works great for the SUV and I believe in the VW team so there is definitely mo worries when it comes to after market sales for this upgrades and development on the part of the Tiguan

  (137) posted on 09.5.2009

thats is right accessorizing is not a new thing but this helped many serious takers in hte long run and this shows and a good result on after market sales.

  (289) posted on 09.5.2009

Getting sportier...getting better...getting better. I guess this is what VW Tiguan is trying to capture this coming year with its new accessories and interior set up. It only means one thing,competition is getting though and WV is getting ready ahead of it

  (116) posted on 09.5.2009

Just a little Information guys...

The Tiguan is available in two bodystyles and three specification levels, they are.Tiguan Trend & Fun,
Tiguan Sport & Style, Tiguan Track & Field. The Trend & Fun and Sport & Style both have maximum approach angles of 18 degrees, while the Track & Field has a 28-degree maximum approach angle.
In The Netherlands another version is delivered namely the Comfort & Design. This is basically a Trend & Fun to which some accessories have been added. This version was created by the Dutch distributor for the Dutch market.Tiguan was tested by the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) and received a five-star safety rating.

  (318) posted on 09.5.2009

VW Tiguan acessories are but just great. But like anyone’s observation, I think these accessories are like repackage offers that if hope to make better sales revenue for the VW through its SUV series, as we all know, more and more are getting hooked to the SUV.

  (314) posted on 09.5.2009

Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact CUV built by the German automaker Auto 5000, based on the A5 (PQ35) platform of the Mk5 Golf. Production started in the winter of 2007 in Wolfsburg, Germany, sales started shortly after. I guess after almost two years of being in the market, this new accessories are but just timely and will prove to be very significant in the development and upgrading of Tiguan as well as marking higher knotches for its sales.

  (314) posted on 09.5.2009

SUV’s features and technology have been growing rapidly these days! Thanks to a very warm market reception we see how the SUV line up from different car manufacturers upgraded and developed their products far from its predecessors...we can see better models and design coming out.

  (421) posted on 09.5.2009

VW offer is definitely tempting and will eclipse the offers of its european competitors like BMW and Benz, I guess this accesories are just timely and as fun as the new Tiguan.

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