New VW Polo to debut in Geneva; first U.S. deliveries in 2011

2010 Volkswagen Polo will be inspired by Scirocco
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Last summer when gas prices started skyrocketing, every auto manufacturer searched their international offerings to see what small car may work for the U.S. Volkswagen is no exception. The company was once known for small cars in the States, but its current smallest entry, the original Rabbit/Golf, has constantly grown in size and weight over its four model revisions. In fact, the four-cylinder engine is scarce on VW’s U.S. lineup (and only with turbochargers). So its no surprise that Volkswagen started floating the rumor that the sub-Rabbit sized 2010 Polo may come stateside.

Everyone will get their first glimpse at the next generation Polo at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Now word is coming down that starting 2011 the Polo will also be available in the U.S. This will help VW in its attempt to grow sales to 800,000 units in the region. The Polo is already an international hit for VW. It’s produced at multiple plants worldwide, including one in Mexico, which makes for an easy hop over the boarder to the United States.


Source: Autoweek

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