• Newgarden Introduces Forza 6 Rain: Video

Now entering its sixth edition, Forza Motorsport has become the preeminent racing simulator for XBOX, but it’s lagged behind the competition in one important regard. While racing is pristine weather is ideal, sometimes you want a curveball that tests your driving skills and strategic prowess. That’s why Forza 6 is introducing both rain and day-night cycles to the series.

This new video, featuring IndyCar ace and Forza player, Josef Newgarden, takes a quick look at the complex matter of adding rain to a previously dry video game, which is far more than just reducing grip and adding a few rain drops.

Forza developers, Turn 10 Studios, have developed 148 different racing surfaces, each with slightly different traction characteristics, and each include wet-weather variables that change depending on conditions. More porous surfaces, for instance, might not pool water as quickly as smooth ones, but water that does accumulate can cause aquaplaning. Speed, tire selection and angle of attack are factored in, and even tire temperature can affect wet-weather grip.

Puddles also form where they actually form on a track’s real-world counterpart. For instance, the first turn at Brands Hatch in England (where it’s been known to rain sometimes) has a massive, three-car-wide puddle on the driving line that’s also represented in the game.

Then there are visuals to take into account. The track surfaces become more reflective as they become saturated and look absolutely fantastic in the video. Both precipitation and mist are represented by virtual particles (which requires an enormous amount of computing power) that land on car surfaces, including the windshield where they can be swiped away with functioning windshield wipers.

Wet weather isn’t new to racing games, but Forza’s implementation looks like it could take things to whole new level. We can’t wait to give it go on September 15th, at which point I might fall ill and have to take a few days off.

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You can read more about Forza 6 here.

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