Next-Gen Lexus IS-F may get a twin-turbo V6

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With Lexus preparing to roll out the next generation IS, a lot of rumors have been circulating on the performance model of the car, the IS-F, particularly the kind of powertrain it’s expected to carry. The current IS-F is fitted with a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 416 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 371 lb/ft of torque at 5,200 rpm.

Given that the car is Lexus’ answer to models ilke the BMW M3 and the Mercedes C63, those numbers are pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves. But Lexus, who has become adept in ratcheting up its performance line, appears to be looking in a different direction regarding the powertrain for the next-gen IS-F.

Though no confirmations have been made on the matter, Autoblog is reporting that the next-generation IS-F could follow BMW’s approach - and seemingly everyone else’s approach - with the new M3 wherein the current V8 engine will be left out in favor of a more advanced, forced-induction, twin-turbo V6 engine that could, at least in estimates, provide ample power to produce around 450 horsepower and 450 lb/ft of torque. Taking into consideration the current model’s performance capabilities, that should equate to an improvement of 34 horsepower and 79 lb/ft of torque.

Lexus didn’t give any confirmation on this matter, but the company did prop up the benefits of having a smaller displacement engine under the hood of the new IS-F. Take that for what it’s worth for now.


Source: Autoblog

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  (1333) posted on 08.30.2012

If I’m not mistaken, Lexus is built without any speed booster in it. That’s why McLaren left this poor car in their race easily. Good thing they finally realized they should make something.

  (291) posted on 08.28.2012

Twin turbo?! Wow! I think Lexus already woke up that they really need that twin turbo engine for them to compete.

  (692) posted on 08.27.2012

Having an effortless lost to McLaren gave Lexus a big lesson of making a huge adjustments by putting a twin turbo chargers.

  (342) posted on 08.24.2012

Yes! Finally, the Lexus will have the twin-turbo engine that will give a boosting performance.

  (328) posted on 08.22.2012

There is no problem in using a twin-turbo for the next IS-F. I think it’s better to have it applied for a better performance and numbers of its output.

  (517) posted on 08.22.2012

I’ve watched a video where Lamborghini and McLaren left Lexus behind in just a matter of second. I think having a twin-turbo V6 would give Lexus a good additional speed.

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