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Okay, if you are a car nut, still have a pulse and are not excited or worried about the next-generation Mustang, then you may want to recheck your label as a car nut... I am not a big Ford fan and even I am on edge the edge of my seat about it.

This is a bang-or-bust redesign for Ford’s resident muscle car, as it has the potential to be either the Mustang II debacle all over again or the Fox Body `Stang that swooped in to save the model’s life. There is an ongoing debate on when and where the new Mustang will debut, and all of them are somehow centered around the model’s 50th anniversary.

We have whittled the possible debut locations down two the three most likely ones, and our reasoning for picking these three.

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2014 New York International Auto Show

Next-Gen Mustang Has Three Potential Debut Locations
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Okay, the New York Auto Show makes it easy to align the new Mustang’s debut with the original debut almost perfectly. First of all, the NYIAS kicks off on April 18th, 2014, which means the press preview days — the days when us press folk hand all of the information off to you — will likely be the 16th and 17th.

This means that Ford could potentially unveil the Mustang on April 17th, 2014, which is 50 years to the day from when the original Mustang debuted at the World’s Fair in New York. That kills two birds with one stone: it debuts on the same day and in the same city.

There are a few issues with choosing this debut site, however. First, this likely negates its chances of coming in as a 2014.5 model, which was rumored earlier this year. Second, the original Mustang was in dealers on the 17th too, and there is no way Ford would reveal it and release it to dealers on the same day.

2013 Los Angeles Auto Show

Next-Gen Mustang Has Three Potential Debut Locations Emblems and Logo
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The LA Auto Show, which runs from November 22, 2013 through December 1st, 2013, is another one that was rumored as a debut site for the Mustang. This show gained some steam in the rumormill because its officials confirmed that LA would host world debuts from BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, Subaru and Volkswagen.

We know of nothing else in the works from Ford in the next few months, so this leaves us to speculate that the automaker’s LA debut may be the new Mustang. Sure, the debut date does not align with the original debut back in 1964, but it leaves the door open to roll out the Mustang in time to be a 2014.5 model — likely a limited edition that features the new design — and it leaves the door open for a full-lineup reveal in New York, a win-win situation.

A Ford-Sponsored Resurrection of the World’s Fair

A resurrection of the New York World’s Fair in 2014 has been speculated on in the past, and what better way to kick it off than to have Ford sponsor the event and debut the new Mustang there. Even politicians have talked about bringing the fair back on several occasions.

Yeah, the chances of this happening are slim to none, due to timing issues, but it remains an awesome concept nonetheless.

Our Pick

Next-Gen Mustang Has Three Potential Debut Locations Emblems and Logo
- image 524523
Next-Gen Mustang Has Three Potential Debut Locations
- image 524522

Our best guess is that that the Mustang will debut at the 2013 LA Auto Show as a limited-run, special-edition model. This Mustang will bear the controversial "2014.5" model year, and there will only be a few thousand examples available.

Ford will then use the feedback from this unveiling and customer response to tweak the full lineup for its reveal and dealership release — yup, on the same day, just like the original Mustang — on April 17th, 2014 at the New York International Auto Show.

That’s our take on it, what do you think?

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