When Porsche’s first-ever production four-door, the Panamera, bowed onto the scene it was met with scorn and derision from fans of the brand. Not only was it another car that wasn’t a 911, but it was heavy, it was ugly, and Porsche was selling it with a V-6 engine. Despite the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, the Panamera was a smash hit, and one hell of a performer to boot. Now after nearly six years on the market Porsche is readying its replacement, and it comes with quite a few upgrades.

The big changes will include a visual overhaul, a new platform and an entirely new engine. The platform is the new MSB platform that will be used across several members of the Volkswagen family. This aluminum-intensive platform is a front-engine, RWD setup that will find its way under the next Bentley Continental to start with. The new platform should dramatically cut weight to improve performance and emissions.

An all-new, in-house designed V-8 is coming from Porsche, and the Panamera sedan will be the first car in the brand to use it. We don’t have very many details on the new engine, but expect it to outshine the current 4.8-liter unit in every way. There will, of course, be turbocharged models coming late as well with power outputs that should eclipse the current max of 550 horsepower.

If you hate the Quasimodo hump of the Panamera, you may be in luck. Porsche CEO Matthias Müller recognizes that the current car’s “design could [be] better,” and the new Panamera will have a more seductive and coupe-like roofline.

Expect the new Panamera to roll out in 2016 with a full family of drivetrain options including V-6, hybrid and turbocharged powerplants arriving by 2019.

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Why it matters

Porsche’s Panamera may be selling relatively well, but thirsty engines and lackluster a exterior design have reduced the overall number of sales. By reducing weight, building new engines and revising the design, Porsche stands to increase its sales of the Panamera sedan by a large margin.

BMW, Mercedes and Audi should be paying very close attention.

Porsche Panamera

Spy Shots: Next-Generation Porsche Panamera Caught Testing for the First Time Exterior Spyshots
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The Porsche Panamera is the first and only production four-door sedan to come from the storied sports car manufacturer. With a style reminiscent of a stretched 911, the Panamera has clear visual ties to its family heritage, but poor proportions make it the ugly duckling of the Porsche range.

There is plenty of room for four full-size adults, and Porsche sells the Panamera with a bevy of drivetrain options to suit any need. From a V-6 equipped plug-in hybrid with a 15-mile EV range all the way to an AWD turbocharged, V-8 model with 550 horsepower.

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