The German magazine AutoZeitung has just revealed a new rendering of the next-generation Audi A6 midsize sedan that is set to be unveiled sometime in 2010. The new A6 features a much more modern and sporty appearance, while it uses the same design cues as the latest A5 and A4 from the German automaker. The Audi A6 will compete head to head with the next generation BMW 5-Series, M from Infiniti and that new Mercedes Benz E-Class.

The 2010 A6 will be made from a multi-material space frame that combines different metals wherever they are most favorable as far as structural rigidity and impact protection. the added benefits are improved handling, increased fuel economy and lower emissions. The exterior of the future A6 will be inspired by the smaller and sportier all-new TT. The vehicle will be predominantly made up of aluminum, but there will be steel and foam reinforcements wherever necessary. In addition, Audi is developing an all-new lightweight front and rear sub-frames which allow for increased strengthening around the integral parts of the lightweight chassis that tie it together.

Audi will be offering all sorts of power plants to move the new A6, ranging from a 190 HP 2.8 Liter V6 FSI or a 224 HP version. The last gas burning V6 will also be an FSI and will displace 3.2 Liters making 265 HP. The only V8 in the lineup will be a 4.2 Liter motor making 350 HP. The top of the line nits will be powered by a 5.2 Liter V10 FSI making 420 HP in the Audi S6 and a 5.0 Liter Biturbo FSI V10 pumping out 580 HP for an RS7. There will also be two diesel burning V6 power plants in the range, consisting of a 2.7 Liter TDI making 185 HP and a 238 HP 3.0 Liter TDI.


Source: Autozeitung

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  (314) posted on 07.13.2009

The big news is that the A6 will benefit from the same aluminum alloy spaceframe construction that keeps the weight of the maker’s TT and R8 sports cars, as well as A8 flagship, relatively low.
Like in the TT, the A6’s ASF II (second-generation Audi Space Frame) passenger cell will be made of aluminum, with steel reinforcements. The structure is said to be 50 percent lighter and 50 percent stronger as well. ASF II will be used in other large cars as well, including the A8 and upcoming A7, but where it will make the most impact is in the Q7 SUV, which figures to be nearly 700lbs lighter.
On the performance side, the new A6 will feature suspension, steering, brake and drivetrain components that aim to move back the current car’s nose-heavy weight bias.

  (421) posted on 07.13.2009

Presumably, these are images of how the mildly facelifted current A6 could look? Nothing special to my eyes but slightly more distinctive than current. Looks entirely feasible. Although I don’t somehow think it looks boring at all, i love it. I wish they did try out something different this time though...let’s see when official pics come out

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