Ford revealed at the Geneva Motor Show the iosisMax, a concept that it was said to offer glimpse for the company’s next generation global C-segment (compact) car. Now the people at AutoExpress have tamed down the concept to show what the 2010 Focus may look like.

Since 2004 Ford split the Focus line between North America and the rest of the world. While the North American Focus has been profitable for Ford, the international model has been a best seller. So for the 2010 car, Ford is reuniting the Focus line and selling one car with European appeal. Since Ford has a lot riding on its European cash cow, we in North America can not only expect the 2010 car to have more European characteristics, but also one that has spent a lot of time in development.

Since the original iosis concept of 2005 was a curvy interpretation of the production Mondeo, we think the iosisMax is likely to be a good indication of the next-generation Focus. Now in it’s third International generation, the 2010 Focus will feature what almost seem like rounded and stretched lines of the current car. Just like in the iosisMax, the production car should have less dramatic lines that will blend the front end with the rest of the car.

The engine lineup should include both gas and diesel variations as well as Ford’s new EcoBoost system. The international offerings should start with a 1.0-liter gas engine making 89 hp, and should top out at units approaching 200 hp. North America will not likely receive the smallest capacity engine nor many or all of the diesel offerings.


Source: AutoExpress

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