Next-Generation Nissan GT-R To Debut in 2016

2014 Nissan GT-R High Resolution Exterior
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As universally respected as the Nissan GT-R is, it’s hard to believe that Godzilla is already six years old. That may not be old in monster talk, but in the auto industry, that’s the equivalent of mid-life-crisis time.

So yeah, the current-generation Nissan GT-R is ready for a new generation and for so long, people have been clamoring for the next-generation model. Well, according to a Nissan representative who spoke to Motor Trend, the next-generation GT-R is coming, and its coming in 2016.

This is the first time that somebody from Nissan has provided details on the future of its supercar model, or specifically, the future model that will usher in a new era of GT-R supremacy.

Details about the next-generation model have yet to be disclosed but activity in the Nissan camp over the past couple of days could potentially point to a GT-R that will come with a hybrid package. It’s a rumor that gained some steam in the past week after it was reported that Nissan had trademarked an "R-Hybrid" badge.

That could be the first step in a long list of developments and new technology that the next-generation GT-R could come in. With competitors all around developing new and exciting supercars of their own — Acura and Honda are in the final preparations for the production model of their respective NSX supercars — it was high time for a new generation for the aging GT-R

And so, 2016 it apparently is.

Click past the jump to read about what we can at least expect for the 2015 GT-R, specifically plans to develop a NISMO-tuned GT-R

2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo

2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo Exclusive Renderings
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Numerous updates have given credence to the growing belief that the 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo will make for a pretty incredible swan song model for the mighty Japanese supercar.

For starters, the majority of the changes will be limited to aerodynamic efficiency and downforce. It will also have a little more than 570 horsepower under its hood, a number that could still go up depending on what kind of performance tweaking Nismo does to it. Recent remarks by a Nissan engineer working on the model indicated that the GT-R Nismo could hit 60 mph in just two seconds, which is eye-popping however you look at it.

Source: Motor Trend

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