Even if the Nissan’s first ever legitimate super car, the GT-R has only been on the market for 2 years now, the Japanese automaker is already thinking about the next generation of their world class sports car, and some of their improvements might just surprise you. Now we already know that the high end arm of Nissan, Infiniti, has been planning on incorporating high performance hybrid modules into their future luxury lineup ever since the Essence started showing up at auto salons around the world.

According to the Japanese automotive magazine Best Car, this type of gas/electric power train will also make its way into the new Nissan GT-R. According to the journal, the next GT-R will be powered by a hybrid drivetrain that will combine a 440 HP gas burning internal combustion engine along with a 160 HP electric motor which means that the next Godzilla will have 600 fire breathing horsepower under the hood.

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Source: Best Car

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  (592) posted on 11.30.2010

wow making the Godzilla roar more. Nissan I really into speed and power. they really taking the GT-R to the next level of Super Cars, and it has the same HP of the new Gallardo.

  (765) posted on 01.11.2010

I’m optimistic on this one just by means of the capability of this car on the road. Well on some point you’re right that they’re decreasing the car performance but I think Nissan will not do that to the point where they need to prove that the title "Godzilla" is for them only.

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