We previously reported that Nissan will unveil the sixth generation Z-line in 2009. But it seems that the company is very busy with creating the new hybrid lineup, a small sports coupe and the launch of the Nissan GT-R, so the current 350Z will stay alive for another two more years. This means that the new 370Z will be launched in 2011.

The next-generation Z is a brand new facelift. Performance will be upgraded by 30 horsepower as the Infiniti G37’s 3.7 liter V6, 330 horsepower engine will find its way under the hood of the next-generation Z. The car will be called the Nissan 370Z.

Source: Egmcartech

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  (4) posted on 08.7.2007

Omg... u r so s2pid its de opposite in dese days all new cars weight much lighter dan de old ones because dey are using light alaminuim, just go to any car website and search for its features u will find... light alaminum engines and stuff lyk dat......
But the problem is dat i dont want nissan to do dis Z wth dis body because its exactly same as the infiniti g37 and dats wat am gona by
and as everybody knws dat infinities quality is much higher dan de nissan
even if dey are de same company for example when some1 is driving de g37 and he sudenly c’s de new z ( for me i get so in pissed ) he will say y i didnt buy de nissan Z, its much cheaper and looks de same
Michael kassab


  (15) posted on 08.7.2007

I don’t think it will be 330 bhp . I don’t know about US version but the car did :

276 bhp >> 295 bhp >>> and now in europe 308 bhp .

And there was a GT-S version (nismo i think) with 382 and a compressor .

But now new cars generally weight more than the old one ...

So if it would weight 60 kg more and only get 30 bhp extra power it’s not as fast as the old one ... I think it will be more like 350 hp or even more smiley

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