Porsche may be the ultimate purveyor of the sports car, but the brand has also been on the forefront of making fast hybrids. The plug-in hybrid technology that was developed for the Porsche 918 hypercar has already made its way into the Panamera sedan and the Cayenne SUV, and now it appears that this same advanced electrification system could find its way into the most holy of all Porsches, the 911.

Car Advice found some time to talk with Matthias Muller, CEO of Porsche, and he was quite candid about the hybrid future of the brand and its iconic sports car. His exact words were, “Maybe in the next generation – there is no reason against it.” So there may an electrified 911 in the future, think sometime around 2018 or so.

The 911 isn’t the only car that is likely to receive the update, either. Porsche currently has plans to add the plug-in technology to every car in the lineup. That means the Boxster and Cayman as well, but they will see the adoption of smaller four-cylinder mills before they move to batteries and electron power.

If the idea of an electric 911 scares you, don’t worry. As Muller stated, “This hybrid technology has two reasons: one is CO2, but another reason for us for this technology is sportiness. As we have proved in the 918 Spyder … it can work.”

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Why It Matters

Emissions and fuel economy legislation is fast killing off the large-displacement, high performance engine. If you want your cars to keep getting faster and better, companies need to learn to harness new technologies to make it happen.

As we have seen with the Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and the LaFerrari, going with a hybrid drivetrain can increase speed and performance dramatically while simultaneously reducing emissions and fuel usage. It truly is a win-win situation; we just have to let go of the past and let it happen.

2018 Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is an automotive institution. For decades the 911 has been the benchmark of the purists sports car. It focuses on precision and feel over raw power and speed. For more than 50 years the car has remained nearly unchanged. In those five decades, the Porsche has only seen three chassis platforms.

The current 911 debuted in 2012, and will continue on until about 2018. It comes in a variety of trims level all feature horizontally-opposed six-cylinder engines. There are RWD or AWD options, and there are several trims that feature turbocharged engines for increased horsepower.

Source: CarAdvice

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