The Japanese magazine Nikkei reports today that the next generation Prius will feature solar panels, in this way Toyota becoming the first major automaker to use solar power for a vehicle.

Toyota would equip solar panels on the roof of the high-end version of the Prius when it redesigns the gasoline-electric hybrid car early next year, and the power generated by the system would be used for the air conditioning.

The solar panels will be made by Kyocera Corp.

Next generation Prius will make its world debut in 2009 at the Detroit Auto show.


Source: Reuters

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  (1024) posted on 07.13.2008

I doubt anyone would put a Prius on a track, well that is, anyone but Top Gear . In constant driving, the Prius will give normal mileage. In real life driving, where there are traffic problems and what not, it will give more than twice the mileage.

You are right about how you drive it though. If I had a Prius, I’d try to make it the fastest Prius in the world. I’ll even try to put in motor capacitors to make it go faster.

  (520) posted on 07.12.2008

about fuel consumption of the Prius: in the first episode of the new Top Gear season they test a Prius and a BMW M3. the Prius does 10 laps on their circuit as it can go and the M3 follows. the Prius did 17,2 miles to the gallon, and the M3 did 19,4 miles to the gallon (this is what they said). so it’s not about what you drive is about how you drive it (most time anyway smiley )

  (1024) posted on 07.11.2008

Well the air conditioning of a car will take a fair bit of fuel so even if the solar plates power the air condition only, the gas mileage of the car will be better than ever.

  (520) posted on 07.10.2008

those solar panels will generate power just for the air conditioning system?

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