When Subaru unveiled the Advanced Tourer Concept at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show, not many people paid much attention to it. After all, it was sitting next to the brand new Subaru BRZ, which pretty much stole the show in the Subaru booth. Now, in a twisted turn of events, MotorTrend is reporting that the Advanced Tourer was a preview version of the next generation Subaru WRX set to be unveiled sometime in 2013.

According to the magazine, a Subaru insider revealed that the next WRX will get the headlights, air dam, grille, and front brake ducts from the Tourer Concept. The overall side profile will also resemble the Tourer, but the front design will be even more aggressive and so will the rear wheel arches and fenders.

The future WRX will be built on a modified version of the current Impreza platform and as previously reported, will drop the Impreza from its nomenclature. While the engine to be placed under the hood is still a subject for speculation, Motor Trend suggests that Subaru is currently testing a new FA series of 1.6- and 2.0-liter direct-injected turbocharged boxer fours and a hybrid version of the 1.6-liter turbo. One of these three versions will definitely find its way under the hood of the next WRX, maybe even the 2.0 version.


Source: Motor Trend

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  (419) posted on 06.14.2012

At least, the mentioned concept inspired something although it really is useless and non-appealing to me.

  (677) posted on 06.7.2012

Advanced Tourer Concept was good, but I have the feeling that Subaru WRX will be even better.

  (458) posted on 05.28.2012

Like what’s been said, I also think that it will be even better than its inspiration.

  (570) posted on 05.24.2012

I liked that concept! It’s nice that Subaru will be partly using that notion to create this equally amazing car.

  (448) posted on 05.22.2012

It’s admirable how Subaru WRX is even more captivating than what has inspired it.

  (333) posted on 05.20.2012

More than its engine, I bet that its appearance will most likely be judged first as its sleek metallic exterior is captivating enough. The Advanced Tourer Concept isn’t even a lot better, but it’s great that Subaru could come up of this because of that.

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