There are times in our lives when all we need is a quick timeout in order to get our stuff together and have the ability to move forward. The Dodge Viper is doing just that and when it makes its grand return, it may extend further than the general market. Chrysler is currently weighing its options to decide if the next generation Dodge Viper should return to the LeMans series.

The original Viper GTS-R was unveiled by Chrysler at the 1995 Pebble Beach Concours and managed to secure the number one position in many events, including the 1998, 1999, and 2000 24 Hours of Le Mans series, as well as many championships in the FIA GT Championship and a couple in the American LeMans series. With such a high rate of success, it seems crazy for Chrysler to not partake in these same events with its bigger and better Viper and we don’t think we’ll have to question their sanity for long. The company has already begun the process for building a race-spec version of the next generation Viper for the LeMans series. The new model will be prepared by Riley Technologies, which has produced the title-winning Grand-Am chassis for the past eight years. Once complete, the racing Viper will have to take on models like the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R, the BMW M3 GT2, and the Ferrari 458 GTC.

Chrysler’s motorsport manager Gary Johnson said: "We are investigating some things and seeing what is out there, although no decision has been made yet. We have to be very careful about what we do."


Source: Autosport

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  (429) posted on 07.22.2011

We all know that Dodge are good in creating such race cars, but I think we still need to know more interior specs of this car before we criticize its performance. On the other had, it has a cool aura with its exterior.

  (446) posted on 07.19.2011

I was expecting for a high speed performance for this car since the competition in the market is seems to be a tight. The possible competitor were all powerful production.

  (463) posted on 07.19.2011

I wonder on when will they are going to released this car or have they start its production? There’s till no official released about the speed performance of the car aside from the horsepower but I think it would be more powerful.

  (378) posted on 07.5.2011

If that’s the case, I hope this one will really make it to the garage. I mean, this car is a huge asset for the Dodge. Hope to see more on their side.

  (488) posted on 07.4.2011

Actually, I have already heard about the new Viper a few months back, when they announced if following the close of the current generation Viper. I think it would be a good idea for them to test it out at Le Mans.

  (714) posted on 07.1.2011

Well now, that one would be really interesting. Actually I was really looking got news a bout the new Viper for sometime now, I am really interested on seeing the car in all of its glory.

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