• Next Maserati GranTurismo Will Arrive in 2017, but Only as a Coupe

Italian carmaker Maserati first introduced the GranTurismo in 2007 as a coupe. Right out of the box, this two-door from Modena presented an undeniably sexy design, plus impressive performance figures from a 399-horsepower, V-8 engine under a long, curvaceous hood. There were also two additional rear seats, albeit small ones, which were carried over when the GranCabrio was released two years later, making it Maserati’s first-ever four seat convertible.

Now, it appears as though Maserati will halt production of its convertible GranTurismo for the next generation, which is slated to hit the market late in 2017.

Speaking to UK publication AutoExpress, Maserati North Europe manager Peter Denton confirmed the move. “The GranTurismo will be replaced at the end of 2017, but as a coupe only. We feel the gap will be filled by the Alfieri Spider, due in early 2017.”

Cutting the Cabrio is part of Maserati’s recent big product overhaul, an effort designed to dramatically increase sales figures over the next three years. This includes the release of six new cars, including a revised Quattroporte and Ghibli, the Levante SUV, plus the Alfieri coupe and roadster. The new GranTurismo will top off the update with a design that is “more compact rather than bigger, ” according to Denton. “It’s simply the way the design language worked out.”

Note: Current Maserati GranTurismo pictured here.

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Why it matters

Maserati recently set the ambitious goal of achieving a 500-percent boost in yearly sales between now and 2017. Accomplishing a feat like that takes more than a little shakeup, and while the GranCabrio is not necessarily a bad car, it simply didn’t fit the proposed lineup we’ll see coming from Maserati in the next three years. According to AutoExpress, it appears as though the brand is well on its way toward hitting its mark, with roughly 38,000 cars sold in 2014, which represents nearly 2.5 times the 15,400 cars sold last year.

Maserati GranTurismo

2015 Maserati GranTurismo Exclusive Renderings
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The new GranTurismo will certainly stay true to its namesake as a grand tourer, which means big power and plenty of comfort for the driver and one passenger, but we wouldn’t be surprised if those rear seats were dropped in a bid to make the car a bit smaller. That would hand people-carrying duties to the four-door Quattroporte and Levante SUV, which makes sense for a brand that is in the midst of simplifying its lineup. AutoExpress reports that the GranTurismo will be rear-wheel drive only, and sport a 3.8-liter, twin-turbo, V-8 engine laying out more than 550 horsepower. While a convertible version of that setup will be missed, we can’t wait to get our hands on the hardtop.

Source: AutoExpress

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