Next Volkswagen Phaeton to Debut New Design Language

2011 Volkswagen Phaeton High Resolution Exterior
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Come 2015 when Volkswagen announces the next-generation Phaeton, it will also debut a new design language that will influence the entire VW range, according to Design Director Klaus Bischoff.

The design boss himself admits that the new design language that debuted with the VW Golf VII was a mistake. Unlike most companies where the design of the flagship product influences the rest of product range — the "top-down" approach — with the Golf VII, VW used the bottom-up approach that, according to Bischoff, didn’t bode well with the market.

If there is something that we’d criticize about the current design language is that the entire VW lineup looks eerily similar. For the future design language, Klaus promises that there will be a specific look for saloons, one for the SUV lineup, one for the people carriers and one for hatchbacks. We hope this change flows over to Audi as well.

With Klaus Bischoff promising such changes, the future of this German giant looks bright. Though it’s easy to make promises, delivering them is the actual challenge.


Source: Auto Express

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  (377) posted on 12.9.2012

so, now you can have an A8 with normal looking headlightssmiley

  (346) posted on 12.9.2012

This is for people who want to buy an A8 but can’t stand those ugly crooked shaped LED’s.

  (397) posted on 12.9.2012

VW is no more ’upmarket’ now than it was when the Phaeton failed the first time.

  (341) posted on 12.9.2012

it was a bad idea and suffered from design anonymity, in my opinion

  (346) posted on 12.9.2012

When you want to spend 90k on a car that looks like a 40k car, this is it!

  (349) posted on 12.9.2012

I’m not sure what VW really thinks they will achieve here with this retry.

  (377) posted on 12.9.2012

I liked the prior Phaeton for its engineering and refinement.

  (397) posted on 12.9.2012

I am very happy to hear them confirming the Phaeton return.

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