• Next Year Acura Could Grace The World With an NSX Spider and NSX Type R!

The highly anticipated Acura NSX Type R could debut in 2021

Acura revived the iconic NSX back in 2016 as a hybrid sports car, and nothing much has changed since then except for a mild upgrade for the 2019 model year. But it seems Acura is planning to roll out two new variants of the NSX: a Spider and a hardcore Type R. Excited? Well, don’t lose it yet because these new models won’t arrive until late 2021.

The Acura NSX Type R will boast in excess of 600 horsepower

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According to Japanese outlet Best Car, the Type R model will draw juice from an upgraded twin-turbo, 3.5-liter V-6, and revised electric motors that will pump out around 640 horsepower.

That’s about 70 horses more than the regular NSX, rated at 573 horsepower. But the Type R will be more than just a beefed-up NSX. It will also feature extra carbon-fiber and other lightweight components, so it will tip the scales below the regular model’s 3,878-pound rating. Losing 200 pounds is doable, so expect the Type R to come in at around 3,650 pounds.

The upgrade will also include more aggressive aero bits, like spoilers and diffuser, bigger and better brakes, a revised chassis for improved handling, and loads of extra features. Look for unique wheels, race-spec seats, a custom display, and maybe even a few exclusive colors.

When will we see it in showrooms? Well, the aforementioned report says the NSX Type R is still at least a year away, as the debut could take place in October 2021. This means that it won’t hit U.S. dealer lots until early 2022.

Acura is also working on a targa-style NSX Spider

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The same report says that Acura is preparing to roll out a drop-version of the NSX.

This model was previewed all the way back in 2012 when Acura created a concept car based on a first-generation NSX. It was driven by Tony Stark in The Avengers movie, and it might not be very different from the production model. The Spider will be identical to the coupe below the ways, with a Targa-style roof instead of a hard-top. Drivetrain specs and performance should remain unchanged. The NSX Spider is rumored to debut in December 2021, two months after the NSX Type R.

Source: Best Car Web

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