It’s easy to laugh about it now, but the consequences are serious

Recalls happen in the auto industry far more often than most people realize. It could be any number of things affecting any kind of model, but if the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration deems it necessary, these recalls are going to happen time and time again. I say this because Jaguar has announced a recall of its most exotic model, the range-topping variant of the F-Type sports car, the F-Type SVR, over faulty suspension bolts.

Actually, the only defect is a single suspension bolt that connects the rear lower control arms to the knuckle assembly. The specifics of the defect wasn’t mentioned, only that if the bolt “fails,” the entire rear control arm assembly may separate from the car, resulting in a “loss of control and increased risk of a crash.”

There’s something sneakily hilarious about a recall for the Jaguar F-Type SVR being implemented because of a single suspension bolt, but the ramifications of not heeding the recall are certainly no laughing matter. As such, the recall for the 23 F-Type SVR affected units in the US, built between February 2016 to August 2016 US, should be treated with utmost importance.

The recall is expected to begin on December 19, 2016, although Jaguar will also notify affected owners ahead of schedule. Like always, owners are urged to bring their F-Type SVRs to their local dealerships, where the bolt will be replaced at no cost to the owner.

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The ramifications here are serious

I don’t think I’m the only one who reacted with a mixture of confusion and amusement about this particular recall. A single suspension bolt? Really, Jaguar? You couldn’t get that right? There is a layer of silliness to this recall, but like I said, it also tells you how serious the NHTSA is about flagging these potential problems and making automakers accountable for them. At the end of the day, this “silly” issue could still lead to serious injuries, and maybe even deaths, if it’s not acted on accordingly.

This particular recall is also the perfect time to highlight the importance among car owners to treat these recalls with the seriousness they deserve, reasons notwithstanding. Let’s say you’re one of the 23 owners of the Jaguar F-Type SVR in the US. You have a car that packs a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that produces 575 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. That’s good enough to propel the sports car to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds before peaking at a top speed of 186 mph.

In other words, the F-Type SVR is a fast and powerful car and you can be sure that if you own one, you’re going to spend some time trying to channel all that power and speed. Would you want the entire rear control arm assembly to separate when you’re driving at high speeds? It’s funny to think how a single suspension bolt could cause something like that, but the results of it happening are no joke.

So, funny or not, that suspension bolt needs to be replaced before you go joy-riding around in your F-Type SVR. The recall isn’t expected to start until a month from now, which is surprising at the very least, but that’s the timetable Jaguar has given. In the meantime, please exercise utmost caution while driving the F-Type SVR. There’s plenty of time to enjoy it, just make sure that suspension bolt is fixed the next time you go out for some fun with the car.

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Source: NHTSA

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