When Nissan offered their Series II upgrade package for the 2009 GT-R they improved the handling and added a few aesthetic pieces, but they forgot to increase the power. That is because the Japanese automaker’s motor sport division, Nismo, is offering an upgrade of their own. The Nismo power package consists of new engine and transmission software that offers more low-end torque and a higher maximum boost for more top end. They also raised the top speed to 199 MPH.

However, unlike the upgrade being offered by Nissan, you have to rent the Nismo package. The first two years of factory tuned GT-R fun will cost you $3,090; after that the lease can be extended for another year for only $330 more.

Seeing as the initial investment is about 10 times the cost to maintain the package, the Nismo power upgrade is an investment that is well worth holding on to.


Source: 4wheelsnews

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  (116) posted on 05.20.2009

It means that the rev limit can be safely raised for me as for the price what’s 300000 yen when you just bought the car for 20M ?

  (79) posted on 05.20.2009

Nismo makes quality stuff, but I can’t help but think they are pricing themselves out of the market with their GT-R parts. $21,000 exhaust, $15,000 seats, and now a $3,000 ECU rental. When comparable quality aftermarket companies are beating your price point by 4 times, I’m not sure how much business sense it makes. I’m not convinced that the Nismo mods for this car are aimed at people with their ear to the ground for tuning, but rather wealthy owners who are more casual drivers and owners. If I had a GT-R I would definitely take a miss on the Nismo parts this time around.

  (177) posted on 05.20.2009

That is right, and not only that you get a good investment but also a better riding experience with your GT-R Spec

  (231) posted on 05.20.2009

This is a brilliant offer, to allow the majority to acquire the latests and best tuning possible for thier GT-R without empying their pockets

  (314) posted on 05.19.2009

Sounds pratical and workable after all, leasing the package saves you more than buying the tune up yourself on purpose

  (421) posted on 05.19.2009

I think Nissan did not forget the engine, they gave it full attention so as they gave to Nismo its upgrading. Except that of course business is business and your interest is Nissan’s investment.

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