• Nissan 240SX could be making a comeback?

Nissan’s 240SX has developed a huge following here in the U.S. thanks to drifting, the sideways craze has driven enthusiasts to swap out the 240’s 2.4 Liter truck motor for a turbocharged SR20 from the JDM Nissan Silva and then proceed to run them into the ground if nothing else got in the way first. The only problem with Nissan’s entry level rear wheel drive sports car is that it is no longer in production.

Nissan 240SX could be making a comeback?
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Sales ended here in the U.S. with the 1998 shark eye S14 and the rest of the right hand drive world got to enjoy one more generation of turbocharged sport compact bliss before the Silva ended with the S15 in 2002. Ever since then Nissan fanatics have been awaiting the second coming of the 240SX, and it would be even better if it came from the factory with the high output motor. With Toyota’s upcoming release of the AE86 inspired rear wheel drive FT-86 and Hyundai’s hit with the Genesis Coupe there is a definite interest in the sport compact market and once again talk of a 240SX successor are in the air.

Nissan 240SX could be making a comeback?
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Back in 2005 the Japanese automaker took a stab at an affordable rear wheel drive Foria Concept that promised the world an all new Silvia, however there hasn’t been any word since then, that is until now. It seems the car will be built upon Nissan’s FR-L platform, the same structure used for the 370Z and G37 sedan. The future car’s chassis would be shortened to fit a smaller two door body while under the hood we would expect no less then a turbocharged 1.8 Liter four cylinder engine producing around 200 HP and able to handle a whole lot more. But until that happens we can continue to hope.

Expect the car’s official debut sometime in 2011-2012.


Source: Straightline

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  (534) posted on 01.12.2010

If it will make a comeback, maybe some will notice the revitalization but I guess it’s better to create another machine that’s in the shadow of a 240SX than bringing back the original one which is not preferable right now in a sense of a lot of their competitors are launching new designs this coming car show.

  (778) posted on 12.14.2009

IMO old model of 240sx is much better looking, its more aggressive and sporty. But i think its performance are way better than before.

  (807) posted on 12.14.2009

I don’t know if the 240sx will compete on some car brands that is better than this car. Of course even you tweak this car, it’s not that appealing right now. I know that Nissan have good sales as well as the performance, I don’t argue with that but this car will be the underdog of all Nissan cars.

  (238) posted on 12.14.2009

I would love to see the return of the 240, just not anything like the car rendered above.

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