As you know Toyota and Subaru are working together on an affordable sports car that will debut in 2010 and will be built in two different versions for both companies. Nissan is also working on a successor for the 240SX. Set to be revealed in 2010 as a 2011 model, the future Nissan will be a serious competitor for the "Toyotabaru".

The 240SX successor (name is still unknown) will have the same size as the the 370Z, sharing the same wheelbase of 104.3 in. Overall length is rumored to be 171 in., and will come in 4-seat/2+2 form.

Under the hood there will be the well known 2.0-liter inline-4 engine, but rumors say Nissan will also use one with about 1.5 to 1.6 liters of displacement, complete with a small turbocharger. This small engine, equipped with VCR PCS, can produce up to 225 bhp.

Price is expected to be around $20,000.


Source: Road And Track

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  (520) posted on 07.11.2008

you’re right jtm, i just hope they will keep a similar price for the European market, here all the cars cost more than in the US

  (233) posted on 07.11.2008

yea the 240sx was a great car and still is. i’m workin on a 93 model s-13 right now. but if this one releases soon enough i’ll probably just buy this

the rwd is great, handling is great

although i hope they keep the lightweight design of the older models.

i’d go with a smaller frame and such than the 370z... seems a little heavy

  (520) posted on 07.11.2008

not a bad price for the 240SX successor. the competition between the Japanese car makers is definitely in our favor.

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