It seems that Alpine has a real serious competitor on the audio car tuning market: the Mac Audio. Have a Japanse sports car with a German Audio tuning looks like? Gorgeous!

The 350Z is equipped with a Quantum Car Sport body kit, with carbon ailerons, 20" wheels and Oxigin Lexor Felgen rims and of course distinctive painting.

Nissan 350Z Mac Audio
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But the aesthetic changes of the car are just a pretext to emphasize the audio equipment found in the cockpit. The four-seater was changed to the two-seat roadster because of audio installation. The central console was changed, but the original 7“ LCD monitor with navigation remains intact.

The doors were heavy modified and the result is unbelievable – 72 LEDs under the glass and 7“ LCD Audiovox LCM 7069. Red light creates a good mood of the exclusive interior. The displays are connected to the central unit Kenwood DDX 6029 transmitting 3D logo of Mac Audio and shots from Terminator and Fight Club movie.

Nissan 350Z Mac Audio
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The sound unit is made of a pair of central-bass speakers Max Audio Super 2.16 in MDF rings and muffled with three-layer bitumen plates. Central speakers are cooperating with treble units in the A-pillar.

The rear seats are now the place for installed audio. An elegant core with the white Alacantara hides a pair of MAC Audio Fearless One amplifiers producing 1000W of music power for a pair of massive 12“ subs called MAC Audio Maximus Reference that look and sound great.

Nissan 350Z Mac Audio
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  (392) posted on 04.20.2010

I wonder if there’s a tunned up Nissan 370z or 350, that can run as fast or faster than Gallardo or Superllegera

  (392) posted on 04.20.2010

@badestofthebad: yeah, I think it’s because of the parts that they upgraded and the gadgets that they put.

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 07.13.2007

actually this looks kinda ugly

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